Rest comfortably with this ergonomic memory foam pillow

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Published February 21, 2018 8:00AM (EST)

With the amount of sitting, texting, typing and driving that we do, it's difficult to have proper posture — especially when we're traveling and stuck in a plane or car all day. Whether you're preparing for an extended business trip or plan to pull some overtime in the office, give your neck and spine the support it deserves with this BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow.

Designed by medical engineers, this perfectly portable pillow (80% smaller than the standard travel pillow) is made to actively support the head and shoulders, keeping your upper vertebrae (the cervical spine, C1-C7, to be exact) in correct alignment. That's especially helpful when you get tired and poor postural habits start taking over — it's useful in preventing neck cricks when you unintentionally fall asleep during long commutes on planes or trains.

That means you can sit comfortably, whether you're at home or traveling, all while promoting better posture and spinal alignment. Plus, it fits conveniently into any carry-on bag and is designed to work in tandem with your noise-canceling headphones.

Think of it as a low-effort way to encourage healthy spine alignment. Usually, this BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow is $59.99, but you can get it now for $38.

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