Learn how to take better photos for your 2018 vacation

Published March 1, 2018 8:00AM (EST)

Whether printed or digital, photos are precious to us — they help us remember the good times and memorialize special moments that will never happen again. So it's a total bummer when you're taking photos of a family wedding, and every last one is a bit of a mess. Start capturing your memories in a way that's representative of how great they actually are with this Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification.

The worst part about learning a skill, especially online, can be the amount of technical jargon that's thrown at you, without getting the hands-on practice or real application you need to do it well. This course skips all that and delivers 22 modules filled with different learning strategies and tools to improve your photography — from videos to video tutorials, articles to ebooks and flashcards to quizzes, there's a slew of resources geared towards helping you learn; however you do it.

Plus, you'll learn from experienced professionals who know the fundamentals and know what it takes to develop a photography business (if that's what you're into). You'll receive a professional certification upon successful completion of the course, so you can monetize your learning with a side hustle.

Either way, you'll learn to take gorgeous photos and possibly develop a newfound appreciation for the craft. Usually, this Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification is $2,595, but you can get it now for $19.99, or 99% off.

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