This smart license plate works just like a backup camera

Published March 2, 2018 7:00AM (EST)

Backup cameras are a fancy new feature in many modern cars — but if you want that same functionality for your older car, you can just use this FenSens Smart License Plate Frame instead. It uses a sensor-activated license plate that connects to the app on your smartphone, helping you avoid obstacles that might be in your way.

The smart wireless parking sensor installs easily on any car. It's so intuitive, you can manage to set it up in five minutes or less, no wiring or professional help required. The app launches instantly on your smartphone, whether it's open or not, giving you an extra set of eyes where your blind spots or gaze might not be.

That means you get a little peace of mind when you drive, with instant audio, visual and vibration alerts when you get too close to an object. The plate even keeps itself safe, with anti-theft features that track your vehicle or device — and it's durable to stand up to any weather (sun or snow).

Get the convenience of a backup camera, without needing to invest in a whole new car — usually, this FenSens Smart License Plate Frame is $149.99, but you can get it now for $119.99.

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