Simplify the job hunt with this career-hacking masterclass

Published April 3, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Simply put, there's an art to resume writing and interviewing — it's an essential component to standing out from the rest of the competition, and there's mechanics to doing it well. Eazl's Career Hacking Masterclass v4.0 will help you understand how the right resume and interview can land you your dream job — plus, it helps hone the skills you need to get hired today.

This course includes a tried-and-true collection of lectures, guides, templates and sample banks based on research conducted by Harvard Business School, the McKinsey Consulting Group and Duke University. Basically, it's the science of helping your qualifications stand out, from learning to write keyword-rich, targeted resumes, to sourcing and creating career opportunities in out-of-the-box ways.

Learning to build relevant professional networks are the foundation for a sustainable career, and you'll discover how to present yourself powerfully, whether that's through a digital medium like LinkedIn or just learning how to interview persuasively and negotiate the offer you want.

Figure out how to move up the career ladder: usually, Eazl's Career Hacking Masterclass v4.0 is $149, but you can get it now for $19, or 87% off.

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