Seth Meyers asks the important questions about Trump's "various obsessions"

For years the GOP has warned about interfering in the free market, but now they're totally silent

Published April 5, 2018 8:44AM (EDT)

President Donald Trump has spent the past week "indulging his various obsessions" but has primarily focused on two main issues as of late; security along the U.S.-Mexico border, and attacking Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos.

On Tuesday night late-night host Seth Meyers asked some important questions about Trump's recent behavior.

Trump has been railing against a "caravan" of largely Central American migrants and has claimed that the border essentially didn't exist under former President Barack Obama. He blamed his predecessor for having implemented "catch and release" — "or as Trump used to call it; marriage," Meyers joked.

But the president added another thing to Defense Secretary James Mattis' "to-do list" and announced he wanted the military to guard the border. "He's already planning your dumb military parade and now you want him to guard the border," Meyers said.

"Why don't you just combine the two and have the parade along the Mexican border?" the late-night comedian asked. "Have you ever tried to cross the street during a parade?"

But Trump has also used the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea as an example of a model for the U.S. to follow — and in one speech touting strength of the DMZ and arguing the U.S. should fortify the border similarly, he used an odd hand gesture that appeared as if he was talking about the shape of a woman's body.

"What is this? I think he wants to f**k the border!" Meyers exclaimed. In his best Trump impersonation, he said, "Have you seen the border? Ooohhh. She is 34-24-34. Ooohhh it’s a beautiful border. Beautiful, you gotta guard it."

But at the same time he's floated "half-baked ideas" about sending the military to the border, he's been "nursing another obsession — his growing anger toward Amazon," Meyers explained.

"As you might recall, it wasn't so long ago that Republicans were against presidents intervening in the economy. Like when they relentlessly bashed President Obama for favoring certain companies over others," Meyers said. "And picking winners and losers on everything from green energy, to financial reform to the stimulus.

The late-night host cued several clips of Republicans railing against Obama for picking "winners and losers."

"Of course it turns out that just four years later Republicans elected a guy whose favorite two words in the english language are 'winner' and 'loser.'"

Trump's war against Amazon and Bezos has largely been due to his hatred for the coverage of him in the Washington Post. One source told Vanity Fair, the president has even wondered, "how can I f**k with him?"

To that, Meyers quipped, "Do the same thing you did to the rest of the country and run for the president of Amazon."

"For years, for years, Republicans spun a wild fantasy about an imperial president interfering in the free marketplace by picking winners and losers, and now they've got a president who is actually doing that, and their silence is deafening,"  Meyers said. "Trump is a wannabe autocrat who thinks he can rule unilaterally, whether it's on the border, economically or" whatever it is that he said in this clip.

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By Charlie May

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