This alarm clock doubles as a charging station

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Published April 15, 2018 9:00AM (EDT)

How often do you tend to rely on your smartphone as an alarm clock, only to realize you've accidentally snoozed it all the way through, or accidentally knocked it over as it was charging? This Sandman Clock serves a dual purpose: it serves as a simple, clear analog alarm clock, but also helps you minimize cable clutter.

This hybrid alarm clock and charging station includes four integrated USB ports and one high-powered, 2.1 amp USB port — that's enough to charge all your devices and keep them all in their proper place.

As far as alarm clocks go, sometimes the simpler they are, the more reliable they are (i.e., your analog clock won't decide to do a software update out of nowhere). This one features a backup battery (just in case), larger than usual 1.8" red digits that auto dim at night and it works in both 12-hour and 24-hour time modes.

The Sandman Clock is pretty much the only thing you need on your nightstand. Usually, it's is $49, but you can get it now for $25.99, or 46% off.

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