This carry-on is the last roller bag you'll need

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Published April 24, 2018 12:12PM (EDT)

As far as traveling and suitcases go, we've all been in frustrating situations with our carry-on luggage: either it can't possibly effectively fit the items you need, it doesn't match up with airline-required measurements or by the time you need to unpack/repack, your current bag isn't designed to keep your things organized. This LifePack: The Carry-on Closet was made to alleviate all the issues you usually have with your carry-on luggage while you travel.

Made out of a durable polycarbonate shell in jet black with a gunmetal grey aluminum frame, this sleek-looking suitcase good and arguably works even better. It features a TSA-approved lock to help keep electronics and personal possessions secure, high-quality wheels that won't snag or fail if you're rushing to get to your next flight, a trolley handle with a soft grip and a patented integrated shelving system.

The shelving system can be used or removed from the suitcase, in case you need more room in your bag or to simply keep your clothing separated (including your clean laundry from your dirty laundry). The design of the suitcase is actually made for compression — so as you pack, you can continuously fit more items in if you need it to. But more importantly, you can find it all later when you expand the shelving system back out as you're ready to unpack. You can even use the front door of the suitcase as a kickstand to keep the suitcase stable.

Plus, the LifePack is cabin-approved for carry-on with all airlines both international and domestic, so you don't need to worry about annoying last-minute baggage check-in fees. Usually, this LifePack: The Carry-on Closet is $249, but you can get it now for $169.

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