Turn your iPhone into a DSLR camera with this case

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Published April 24, 2018 1:38PM (EDT)

Fancy photos are popping up everywhere these days, whether they land themselves in a portfolio, a blog or on an Instagram profile. Taking great pictures can earn you income in a straightforward way (winning you work as a freelance photographer) or as a means towards developing your brand (whether you have a small business, a blog or promote products through a forum like Instagram). If you want to invest in your photography skills without investing in an expensive, bulky DSLR, just use this Ztylus Revolver M Series iPhone Lens Kit instead.

It's a case and smartphone camera attachment that's so effective at turbocharging your phone's natural photo taking abilities, it's received several awards, including a 2015 CE Week Best in Show Award, and 2016 and 2018 CES Innovation Award Honoree. This one gadget delivers several different functionalities: it's a case, a screen protector and six new lenses in an attachment that's about the size of an Oreo. The "Revolver" is aptly named because of how quickly you can switch between the lenses — the system is built off a magnetic connection and a slim, light spring-loaded mechanism that lets you not only install the Revolver Lens with total ease but lets you quickly swap lenses to capture that perfect shot.

Since the lenses are already durable and protected when not in use, there's no cumbersome lens cap to get in the way of your shoot — thanks to  QuickFlip technology, the lenses flip out and automatically align with your phone without needing any manual adjustment (unlike a finicky DSLR). That way you'll never have to worry about missing the moment, whether it's your nephew's first steps or a gorgeous sunset since you can attach and change lenses in seconds. All it takes is a quick flip and you're ready to go, with your choice between two telephoto lenses, a macro, super macro, wide-angle and fisheye lens to enhance your phone camera's capabilities.

The Revolver is also multi-use: there's an embedded metal plate on the back that lets you attach it to other kinds of accessories — and more and more are in development every day. Plus, the cutouts on the case make all your usual ports and controls readily accessible.

So if you were curious about investing in a sophisticated camera, you might want to try this lower-cost alternative instead — after all, we usually always have our phones on hand, and that's not necessarily the case with an expensive camera. Usually, this Ztylus Revolver M Series iPhone Lens Kit is $70, but you can get it now for $49.99.

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