Get a 360 Degree HD Home Security Camera for under $50

Published June 1, 2018 12:34PM (EDT)

Home security cameras with easily accessible live feeds are one of the best modern ways to keep your loved ones and belongings safe. There are plenty of cameras on the market that offer up-to-the-minute views of your residence, but if a hacker taps into that feed and takes advantage of seeing when you’re out of the house, it puts you at risk and renders your camera useless. Luckily, iPM World’s Wireless Camera has additional safety features in place to prevent a dreaded security breach.
This high-definition wireless camera offers complete video encryption to ensure your home footage stays private while you’re viewing it on your smartphone from work, a vacation, or wherever else your day takes you. The camera’s 360-degree panoramic views give you uncompromising viewing potential of whichever room you choose, letting you rotate it for the perfect angle. It also has infrared night vision, so you can still see everything clearly without leaving the lights on, and the camera’s small size — less than six inches high and only weighing half a pound — means you can place it anywhere.
The iPM World HD 360 Degree Wireless Camera doubles down on security by keeping your safety footage safe. You can snag it for just $44.99 (65% off the retail price of $129.99).

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