These mini cinder blocks make a fun addition to your desk

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June 21, 2018 12:00PM (UTC)

A corner office. Expensive workwear. Having your secretary tell people you’re in a meeting when you really just don’t want to talk to them. These are some of the ways people can tell you’re a big deal at work. But there’s another, often overlooked element to office politics: the quality of your executive desk toys. Any old person can pick up a set of magnetic sculpture balls or a ubiquitous Newton’s Cradle and call it a day, but if you want a real conversation starter Mini Materials Miniature Cinder Blocks are a great pick.

Much like a set of adult Legos, these 1:12 scale miniature cinder blocks let you build small projects, like a pencil holder or a tiny fortress. They come with a container of real cement and a mortar application stick, so it feels like you’re constructing a realistic building. It also includes a wooden pallet that adds to the construction-site feel and doubles as a coaster, and the set is a great conversation starter (or stopper — you can always build a little wall to hide behind!).


Add some fun to your workplace or home office with the Mini Materials Miniature Cinder Blocks Set. You can start building right now for $22.49.

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