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Published July 1, 2018 8:31PM (EDT)

If the recent influx of data breaches and online privacy leaks have sent you running to research security options, you’ve probably stumbled across information about Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs. VPNs route all of your web traffic through an encrypted tunnel, hiding your location and browsing activity from other users and even your ISP. There are plenty of VPNs competing to protect your digital footprint, but NordVPN’s additional security measures make it a true industry leader.

NordVPN executes all of the standard VPN tasks with ease, then takes safety a step beyond with their unique double VPN. If something gets past Nord’s first layer, this second fortress will stop them in their tracks. The company makes good on their commitment to user privacy with a strict “no logging” policy, meaning that nothing in your browsing history will be recorded in their system. Plus, an unmatched number of global servers let you log in from around the world and hide your location. And as a bonus, NordVPN’s ad blocker and malware detector give you virus protection in addition to encrypted online privacy. As opposed to most VPNs, you can use NordVPN on up to six devices simultaneously for protection from desktop to mobile —saving you money on multiple subscriptions.

NordVPN’s heightened encryption, commitment to user privacy, and thousands of global servers take them to the top of the VPN pack. A quick Google search for best VPNs proves that. A three-year subscription is usually more than $400, but you can get it now for the sale price of $99.

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