How to master the Excel skills employers value most

Published July 2, 2018 10:00AM (EDT)

There's a lot of apps and software out there that claim to do a lot of different things to help you work with data better — whether that's organizing it, analyzing it, or even learning how to automate specific calculations. But honestly, the only ones that matter are the ones familiar to employers — because that's the way you get noticed during an interview or promoted up a level. This Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp trains you in Excel — which has stuck around for years as the gold standard of a problem-solving, data-oriented tool.

The bootcamp includes engaging videos and practice spreadsheets to test your learning in a hands-on way. First, you'll get a refresher on the foundations, like how to sort and filter data and configure charts and graphs. Then you'll move on to developing complex graphs and automating spreadsheets — you'll even learn to utilize raw data to with PivotTable.

You'll also learn data analytics skills, one of the most desired skills in the market today, including how to forecast data and present your findings to clients and colleagues.

Start making better, more informed business decisions: usually this Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp is $249, but you can get it now for $35. Salon readers can save an extra 15% when using coupon code JULY4th.

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