This portable speaker also charges your phone

Published July 12, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Portable speakers have come a long way since the days of dragging a boombox to the beach: Bluetooth technology allows anyone with a smartphone to travel light and bring their favorite tunes to a party. However, playing hours of music can drain your phone’s battery, and bringing an extra power bank with you adds bulk to your bag or pocket. The Bluepot Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank produces incredible sound while keeping your power bar at 100%.

Bluepot uses Flat Magnetic Speaker Technology, which reduces a speaker’s size and weight while upholding the sound quality standards of a large speaker. It has two 3W speakers for stereo sound, as well as a pseudo speaker in the center that delivers powerful bass. Bluepot is an impressive power bank, too: you can charge your phone up to five times with its Qualcomm Quick Charge feature, and you can listen to music for up to 50 hours. All of these features come packed into a sleek white case that’s only a little larger than your smartphone for the ultimate in charging and listening convenience.

Take your tunes on the road without sacrificing battery life with the Bluepot Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank. Usually, it goes for $80, but right now it’s on sale for $46.99.

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