This 40-quart cooler doubles as a stereo and phone charger

Published July 15, 2018 8:00AM (EDT)

Summer is far from over, and there are still plenty of opportunities for camping trips, backyard parties or just warm afternoons hanging out by the pool. Cold drinks and hot tunes are essential for a sunny shindig, but carting around speakers in addition to a large cooler can quickly cramp your style. The KoolMAX Cooler is a combination cooler and stereo system that will give your gathering that little something extra.

The KoolMAX has everything you need for your adventures. It’s an impressive stereo, with water-resistant 6.5” HiFi speakers and two 2” high-performance tweets that connect to your device via Bluetooth to deliver rich sound. You can play music for up to 16 hours with the rechargeable battery, and you can even juice up your cell phone or tablet with the weather-sealed charging area. If you’re feeling especially funky, you can use the amplifier inputs to turn the stereo into a karaoke machine.

The KoolMAX is also a formidable cooler: it can hold up to 48 cans or 24 bottles of your favorite brew, and the advanced insulation keeps ice frozen for up to three days, so you’ll never settle for a warm drink at the end of a weekend trip again.

Bring something special to your next outdoor group getaway with the KoolMAX Cooler. It’s on sale right now for $40 off at $289.99.

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