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Published July 20, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Coding is an in-demand skill, and whether you want to switch to a full-on career as a developer or just want to add some technical proficiency to your resume, it's easier than ever to learn to code. The Essential Coding for Beginners Bundle helps you get started with the most in-demand languages of the trade: HTML, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS.

The first course hones in on the skills you'd need to develop in order to build a website, including CSS for design, and HTML for text layout. The next course focuses on database management with SQL, before moving on to using PHP as a server-side language to build responsive, dynamic websites. You'll then learn how you can use JavaScript to add interactive elements to web pages, and CSS to incorporate beautiful features into a website's user experience.

Once you finish the bundle, you'll have built two professional-quality websites for your resume, so you can showcase what you've learned and help impress future employers. You'll also gain pragmatic, hands-on knowledge of how to apply what you've learned to work situations, including how to set up and connect to a server, set up local and cloud-based development environments, and much more.

Start exploring essential coding skills today: usually, the Essential Coding for Beginners Bundle is $1,140, but you can get it now for $19.

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