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Published July 22, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

The fact of the matter is, anyone can press a button and take a photo, whether it's with a shutter camera or a smartphone. But that accessibility is exactly what makes professional photography so appealing: you can access the tools you need, whether you have some money to spend or none — but it takes a real eye and knowledge of technical skills to take a perfectly composed photo. This Professional Photography Bundle includes seven different courses show you how you can turn a fascination with photography into a lucrative side gig.

First, you'll start off with the basics: how you can take better photos with your DSLR, smartphone or shutter camera, including how to compose the shot and set up the appropriate lighting to illuminate your subject well. The bundle also includes a course that shows you how to use Mac Photo and how you can work its features into your own photography workflow.

There's also a course that shows you how to work with subjects and models, an essential skill if you want to start freelancing in their event or portrait photography. You'll learn how to pose models, capture the perfect moment as it happens, and more.

Start taking incredible photos today: usually this Professional Photography Bundle is $629.94, but you can get it now for up to 99% off. Here's how the bundle works: name your price and unlock the last course. Beat the average price, and get the entire bundle.

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