This ultra-comfortable mask can help you stop snoring

Published August 11, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Approximately 35 million adults snore on a regular basis — that’s a lot of nighttime awakenings (and a lot of cranky bed partners). Snoring leads to fragmented sleep, which can cause daytime drowsiness, so if you snore you might not be firing on all cylinders when you go to work the next day. There are plenty of snoring “solutions” out there, but finding ones that work and don’t fall off of your face during the night is a tall order. The Anti-Snoring Mask has advanced features that make it more effective than most over-the-counter options.

This anti-snoring mask tackles late-night breathing problems from all angles. Its PM2.5 filter purifies the air, and the mask contours with the shape of your nostrils to form a perfect seal, so you’ll breathe fresh air all night long. The perfect seal means that no straps are required to keep the mask on, and the ultra-soft silicone helps you sleep comfortably from the moment you lay down to when your alarm goes off in the morning. The mask is also BPA-free and made from FDA-approved plastic, making it safe for anyone who’s sensitive to harsh chemicals in their home health products.

The Anti-Snoring Mask’s retail price is $35, but right now you can score a two-pack for just $11.99.

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