This new appliance lets you make cold brew at home

Published August 15, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Cold brew is the perfect option for caffeine addicts who don't want to sip hot coffee during a warm summer's day. But the unfortunate thing about making cold brew at home is waiting for it to steep — and then usually, the brew ends up grainy from the grounds. Alternatively, if you choose to buy it at your coffee shop, it comes at a hefty premium. This BeanPlus Cold Drip Brewer Premium Kit uses a special drip method to produce a richer, better flavor with fewer grounds — and best of all, it only takes a third of the minimum brewing time.

With its patented slow drip valve, you can set your desired brew strength, whether you prefer something stronger or less intense. The consistent drip results in a better flavor and the built-in filter purifies water, regulates drip speed, and prevents blockages.

That means you can brew your coffee with fewer grounds, all while enjoying your coffee sooner with a four-hour minimum brewing time. The seamless design means that outside contaminants can't enter your cup of joe, and helps ensure consistent brew temperature.

And because this is a premium kit, you'll also get some extra filters and a sleek coffee tamper. Usually, this BeanPlus Cold Drip Brewer Premium Kit is $130, but you can get it now for $99.

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