Keep an eye on who’s knocking with this doorbell camera

Published August 18, 2018 6:00PM (EDT)

New technology has made home security systems more affordable and accessible than ever. You can order digital cameras online, install door and window sensors yourself, and even track motion within a designated room. The only issue is that those security systems alert you after someone has already entered your home, and they aren’t helpful for keeping tabs on strangers who come knocking late at night (or pesky solicitors). The Sinji WiFi Doorbell Camera is an easy way to keep your front door secure.

Sinji’s WiFi Camera installs in minutes by sticking on your entryway (just like double-sided tape). After hooking it up to your home WiFi network, the camera takes a snapshot of any visitor who rings your bell and sends it straight to your smartphone. You can easily scroll through the photos using an IP camera app, and you can even get clear shots at night with the camera’s infrared night vision. It’s a great way to avoid strangers, salespeople, or anyone else you don’t feel comfortable talking to. Anti-theft features alert you if someone tampers with the doorbell, and the whole camera is smaller than a deck of cards so it won’t overwhelm your front door decor.

Sinji’s WiFi Doorbell Camera is typically $79, but right now it’s on sale for just $49.99 — a savings of 36%.

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