This device can help you fit everything into your carry-on

Published August 23, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

The cost of air travel is going up: CEOs of major airlines say that ticket prices are going to soar later this year. Heading to your destination via connecting flights can help keep your travel costs down, but your airline is more likely to lose or delay your luggage on these flights. Packing all of your essentials into a carry-on is becoming more difficult as size restrictions get smaller, but if you vacuum seal your clothes you can fit your vacation must-haves into your bag without breaking the rules or running the risk of lost luggage. The Dr. Save Vacuum Kit reduces the size of your soft goods so you can bring them on board without any issues.

This vacuum pump can shrink your clothes up to 70% for lighter luggage. The included transparent vacuum bags make it easy to stay organized, and the pump is small enough to pack into your suitcase so you’ll be able to vacuum seal your clothes again on the way back. Even if you’re not a globe-trotter, the Dr. Save Kit can help you store out-of-season clothes, comforters and more at home. The vacuum-sealing protects your stuff from moisture, mildew, and odors that linger in the air, too.

The Dr. Save Vacuum Kit is on sale right now for $39 (44% off the normal price of $69.95). Since the average cost of an extra carry-on is $25, the device pays for itself within one or two flights.

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