This app wirelessly transfers large files without iTunes

Published August 26, 2018 3:49PM (EDT)

Apple’s products are renowned for looking great, being easy to use, and having elegant, straightforward user interfaces — which is why iTunes sticks out like a sore thumb. The formerly go-to music and conversion program has grown bloated and awkward over the last few years, leaving Mac and Windows fans alike searching for better ways to move content to and from their devices. WALTR2 is an app developed by Softorino that brings simple, wireless transfers to all of your Apple products.

WALTR2 wirelessly transfers music, videos, PDFs and more between devices, so you can catch up on your favorite TV shows and access your e-books from any gadget you choose. Unlike AirDrop, WALTR2 works on Mac and Windows devices so no one’s left out. Its Smart Adaptive Conversion lets you move audio and video conversions up to five times faster without sacrificing video or sound quality, and automatic content recognition brings all of your necessary metadata along for the ride. It works great with your Apple Music subscription, and unlike similar apps, WALTR2 connects to almost every Apple product ever made, so you can regain access to old files on legacy iPods or older MacBooks.
WALTR2 normally costs $39.95, but you can snag it now at 52% off for the sale price of $19.

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