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Published October 6, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Project management is a growing field: it’s expanding much faster than other areas, and the gap between job growth and talent is widening every year. It’s a lucrative field to select, but it’s hard to keep up with the latest technology and trends even if you’re already on a project management career path. These course bundles can help you get certified in the gold-standard industry techniques known as Six Sigma, setting you on a course for success in project management.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Master Certification Bundle

If you want to show your boss (or headhunters) that you know how to manage projects without wasting time and resources, a black belt master certification in Lean Six Sigma is the perfect way to do it. This six-class bundle teaches you how to trim the fat in any business using statistical analyses, analytics, software testing, process optimization and IT performance metrics, and it wraps up with a special course in industry-specific healthcare challenges. Best of all, each class offers a certificate of completion to add some shine to your resume and show everyone that you’ve reached the pinnacle of Six Sigma knowledge.

MSRP: $994

Sale Price: $69 (93% off)

The Official Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification Bundle

Lean and Six Sigma are two training methodologies that improve performance by removing any element that might slow down a business’s progress. This bundle offers three different levels of Lean Six Sigma certification that will add value to your resume whether you’re just starting out in project management or polishing your existing skills. The Yellow Belt certification educates you in program fundamentals, the Green Belt option furthers your skills for an intermediate certification on the eight kinds of waste every business faces, and the formidable Black Belt certification preps you for higher-paying jobs that require the maximum Six Sigma expertise.

MSRP: $1,200

Sale Price: $49 (95% off)

The Complete Six Sigma Training & Certification Bundle

This bundle has more than 75 hours of training in Yellow, Green and Black Belt Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma training. You’ll go from novice to ninja for your entrepreneurial efforts or team strategies with three classes in Lean Six Sigma, mastering the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma to reduce waste and honing your skills with flashcards, toolkits and simulated exams before you complete your certifications. If your company prefers the general Six Sigma methodology (or if you’d like to take things one step at a time and learn one technique first), the bundle’s final three classes will help you grasp the Define, Measure and Control phases of Six Sigma for Project Management Institute credits and valuable Six Sigma certifications.

MSRP: $2,300

Sale Price: $59 (97% off)

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