Whip up amazing meals with these handmade knives

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Published October 6, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Cooking shows are having a long moment in the spotlight. If you’re rooting for someone on a reality TV cooking show or watching instructional programs to learn from the greats, you’ve probably thought about dusting off your own pots and pans and giving gourmet meals a go. Whipping up something impressive is difficult without the right tools, and a decent set of knives is one of the first things that aspiring chefs must have in their arsenal. The Damasukasu Handmade Japanese Damascus Steel Chef Knives are forged with the same precision that’s used to make samurai swords.

This set of three knives has 67 layers of steel in each blade, which helps them stay sharp no matter how many veggies you chop. The 12-degree cutting edge helps you slice with laser-like precision, and triple-riveted, nitrogen cooled blades are designed to stay tough yet flexible. Each knife takes 120 hours to construct, and you can tell from the beautiful steel patterns on the blades that this set is something truly special. The handles are perfectly balanced rich cherry oak, and they match the included carrying case that will keep your knives out of harm’s way.

Usually, it would cost you $599.99 to unleash your inner chef with these limited edition knives, but right now you can have them for $49.99 (91% off).

Damasukasu Handmade Japanese Damascus Steel Chef Knives - $49.99

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