Scarborough scorches "used-car salesman" Mitch McConnell: “He’s changing history, adjusting facts"

"Morning Joe" host blasts McConnell for twisting historical facts to justify his manipulation of the Supreme Court

By Travis Gettys

Published October 8, 2018 6:51PM (EDT)

 (AP/Steven Senne)
(AP/Steven Senne)

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough thumped Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for twisting historical facts to justify his manipulation of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Kentucky Republican insisted Sunday on “Face the Nation” that his blocking of President Barack Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland had historical precedent, but the “Morning Joe” host mocked his blatant dishonesty.

“It’s like a used-car salesman,” Scarborough said. “‘This car only has three tires on it’ — ‘No, no, it’s got four tires on it, you’re not listening to me. It’s got four tires.'”

He praised CBS News host John Dickerson for pressing McConnell on his claims, and slapped McConnell for twisting the historical record for partisan gain.

“They’re moving the goal post to different parties,” Scarborough said. “Pretty soon, I suppose, if it serves him, there will be a leprechaun rule. ‘No, we can do it if there is not a leprechaun who is a vice president.'”

“He’s changing history, adjusting facts to suit his purposes today,” he added. “But, of course, the great concern is the long-term ramifications, even when Democrats get back in power. Perhaps it goes, Harry Reid moved the goal posts, now you have Mitch McConnell moving the goal posts, and the question is what comes next? How undignified can this process become?”

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