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Susan Collins
"The View" co-hosts take aim at Susan Collins for letting Trump off the hook Travis Gettys
Michael Bloomberg
President Trump's re-election campaign is "concerned" about Mike Bloomberg's ad splurge: report Travis Gettys
Mitch McConnell
CA Gov. Gavin Newsom lambastes Mitch McConnell — he’s "dangerous, not just an embarrassment" Travis Gettys
President Donald Trump; Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway
Kellyanne Conway hints more firings could come after Trump acquitted in impeachment trial Travis Gettys
Ivanka Trump honored for boosting manufacturing jobs "like no one in government has ever done" Travis Gettys
Michael Bloomberg
Bloomberg campaign plagiarized portions of its policy plans: report Travis Gettys
Whoopi Goldberg; Meghan McCain; The View
"The View" spirals out of control after Whoopi Goldberg compares Mitt Romney to John McCain Travis Gettys
Joe Scarborough
Joe Scarborough skewers Iowa Democrats for blowing 2020 primary: "Was it just pure incompetence?” Travis Gettys
"Morning Joe" host Scarborough torches Lamar Alexander: "Republicans have shamed themselves" Travis Gettys
Lisa Murkowsk
Witnesses unlikely to be called at Trump Senate trial after GOP's Lisa Murkowski announces "no" vote Travis Gettys
Meghan McCain
Behar corrects McCain's both sides claim on impeachment: It's "down the toilet because of one party" Travis Gettys
John Bolton; Fox News
Brian Kilmeade shuts down "Fox & Friends" co-hosts' attacks on John Bolton: "He’s not a liar" Travis Gettys
Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain admits that her opinion about impeachment is "baked in the cake" Travis Gettys
Donald Trump; Lindsey Graham
Indicted Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas directly implicates Lindsey Graham in Ukraine scandal Travis Gettys
David Avella; Fox News
Fox News guest suggests that Republican senators call Obama to testify in Trump's impeachment trial Travis Gettys