Jimmy Kimmel knows what Kanye West loves about Donald Trump

Kimmel thinks Trump and West share an affinity for prison reform and maniacal tweets

Published October 11, 2018 6:30AM (EDT)

Donald Trump and Kanye West (AP/Seth Wenig)
Donald Trump and Kanye West (AP/Seth Wenig)

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Late night host Jimmy Kimmel, like many of Americans, was shocked to see President Donald Trump seek counsel from rapper Kanye West.

West will be at the White House Thursday as the president desperately attempts to use the star for legitimacy with African American voters.

“Now there’s a devil’s triangle for you, huh?” Kimmel said. “Am I the only one who would buy that lunch on pay-per-view? I would love to see what they talk about. They actually hinted, Kanye and Trump, the topics at lunch are said to include prison reform, gang violence and how good it feels to unload like a maniac on Twitter.”

Kimmel said he could only imagine what would happen if West ran into Vice President Mike Pence.

“Mother and I enjoy your hip-hops very much,” Kimmel said mimicking Pence.

“I was thinking about it this afternoon. what is it that Kanye West likes about Donald Trump and I can’t figure it out and then I saw a picture of him with Kim, and it hit me: Kanye loves a big ass!” West said. “That’s right. Who has a bigger one than that? So, the question now is how will the hysterical right-wing media react to this?”

He played a clip of Fox News host Sean Hannity, who railed against former President Barack Obama, who invited Common to an event at the White House. Hannity went nuts, talking about how Common attacked George W. Bush and used the N-word in songs. West, by contrast, was welcomed by Hannity, who ignored the time West said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” and the usage of words in his songs.

Watch Kimmel’s hilarity below:




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