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Published October 25, 2018 5:30AM (EDT)

Whether you enjoy hitting the books or put it off until the last second, anything that can make your study sessions easier is worth a look. Creating outlines and summaries of what you’ve read is crucial for retaining it and acing that big exam, but typing all of your notes out by hand takes time, and using a highlighter on your textbooks can chip away at their value when the semester is over and it’s time to sell them. The Scanmarker Air Wireless OCR Pen Scanner has the look and feel of a traditional highlighter with a tech advantage for smarter studying.

This pen scans a full line of text in just one second, turns it into a RAW image, then uses Text Recognition Technology to transform it into editable text that can be added to Word, Excel, Gmail, Facebook, and dozens of other platforms. You can take notes, create summaries, and share them with friends for more effective study group sessions, and do it all 30 times faster than if you’d typed it up by hand. As an added bonus, the Scanmarker can translate text between more than 40 languages, and it can read your notes aloud to you as it scans with Text to Speak technology.

Normally the Scanmarker Air Wireless OCR Pen Scanner costs $119, but right now it’s available for $89 (25% off).


Scanmarker Air Wireless OCR Pen Scanner - $89

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