Shift your state of mind with engineered playlists

iAwake Pro uses the power of music to help you gain focus, harness creativity, or relax after a long day

Published November 17, 2018 2:01PM (EST)

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There’s no denying the critical emotional role music plays in our lives: a few bars of a familiar song can transport us back to first dates, family vacations, or the moment you found out that you landed your dream job. You can also use music to help you achieve a state of mind: the right playlist can help you focus on tough tasks or drift off to sleep. However, creating the perfect playlist takes up time you don’t have, but a lifetime subscription to iAwake Pro gives you all the tracks you need.

This app uses the power of sound to hack your mind. Each track is carefully engineered using cutting-edge sound entrainment technologies that may increase emotional and cognitive intelligence, create flow states, reduce stress, and more. iAwake works with the brain’s natural tendency to synchronize with precise stimuli for the desired result. It has tracks to help you with your work/life balance, as well as quick 8-10 minute tracks for a midday productivity boost. Tuning out distractions, harvesting new ideas with increased creativity, or reaching a meditative state to settle down before bed is as easy as popping in your headphones and hitting “play.”

A lifetime subscription to iAwake Pro normally costs $499, but right now it’s on sale for $49 (90% off).

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