Upgrade your home security with a Special Ops-approved lock

The HAVEN Mech Lock is 10x stronger than a deadbolt and will last for 25 years

Published December 3, 2018 2:01PM (EST)

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There are plenty of modern options to keep your home secure: cameras that stream live video straight to your smartphone when you’re away and high-tech alarms are some of your choices for home safety. However, one of the most basic home security measures — the locks on your doors — are also one of the easiest to bypass.

Seventy percent of home break-ins are through a door, and criminals have an arsenal of tools to crack your deadbolt. The HAVEN Mech Lock is a whole different approach to front and back door security, and it’s ten times stronger than a deadbolt.

HAVEN’s lock installs in minutes underneath the swing of your door at the foot of your home’s threshold. With a push of the device’s foot pedal, a barrier wedge rises and engages with the bottom of your door for strength, securing your entire door from opening. It’s designed to flex and absorb the force of an attempted break-in, saving your door from damage and your home from a burglary.

The HAVEN lock was created using military technology, and it’s been tested to last 25 years. Usually, it would cost $182 to upgrade your home’s locks with this state-of-the-art safety wedge, but right now it’s on sale for $134.99.

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