Clean your windows without ever going outside

This magnetic window cleaner gives you effortlessly sparkling windows

Published December 9, 2018 10:01PM (EST)

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Cleaning your windows is one of those chores that's essential, but neglected. Sure, the interior side of your window cleaning might be easy enough to handle, but then it's a hassle to step outside and scrub the exterior — the whole experience sucks up a lot of time, and if you've got multiple floors to your living space, it can even feel precarious to clean. This Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner uses a system of magnets, microfiber cloths, natural rubber squeegees, and rare earth magnets to clean your windows without ever needing to go outside.

Instead of hiring a window cleaner, which can get quite expensive, just use the Glider: it cleans both sides of the window at the same time, for the most efficient and time-saving experience. That also means you won't have to endure the nerve-wracking experience of climbing up tall ladders to reach for hard-to-clean places: all you need is some cleaning solution on both sides of the window, and the Glider does it for you.

To operate the Glider, just hold the larger part of the cleaner on the inside window, then the smaller part on the outside window. It works perfectly for cleaning double glazed windows between 0.3" - 0.8" thick, and works even for scrubbing heavy dirt and polishing.

Don't worry about dirt and dust re-sticking over your freshly cleaned efforts — the Glider also cleans and dries in one go. Usually, the Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner is $48, but you can get it here for $40. For a limited time, use coupon code MERRY15 for an extra 15% off.


The Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner - $40

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