Learn the ins and outs of Instagram with this masterclass

The Instagram Masterclass helps your friend or family member grow a business account in a few months

Published December 18, 2018 6:30AM (EST)

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Instagram is one of the most powerful social media networks out there: as of this year, the platform has one billion users logging in, and they're “liking” 4.2 billion posts per day. That’s a wealth of opportunities for marketing, but making your voice heard if you’re a small business that’s just get started can seem like a Herculean task. The Instagram Masterclass is an ideal gift for that person on your list whose hot new idea deserves a formidable following.

With 150 lectures and 22 hours of content available 24/7, this master class will help you grow your following to 20k, 40k, or even 100k followers. You’ll develop a content strategy and create your first batch of captivating posts, then learn how to leverage hashtags to your advantage.

Intermediate growth strategies like shoutouts, automated systems, and top-post targeted hashtags will be a snap after this class. You’ll also discover how to use Instagram stories to connect your fresh ideas with your growing audience, where to hire low-cost content producers to help as your account flourishes, and how to create zombie accounts that will drive more traffic to your main account.

The Instagram Masterclass usually costs $199.99, but right now you can gift this course to your favorite small business owner for only $11.99 (94% off).

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