Prepare for anything in 2019 with this multi-function radio

This essential emergency kit item is all you need for the unexpected

Published December 22, 2018 2:01PM (EST)

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If 2018 was any indication, you never know what could happen in 2019. Be prepared for any situation that could pop up with this Emergency Multi-Function Radio & Flashlight: it's ideal for both emergency situations and even a little last minute entertainment for a last-minute camping trip.

You might not even know what you should actually pack in an emergency kit, which is why it's so nice to have an all-inclusive device that takes out the guesswork for you. This gadget includes an emergency radio to keep you connected to the outside world, especially in the event of a disaster like a flood or fire, where you need to know where to evacuate for safety. Use the multi-band tuner to connect to AM and WB radio — or even just FM radio if you want to listen to songs.

The radio also includes an LED flashlight and an onboard battery to charge your USB devices. Worried about a lack of power or electricity? There's a solar panel on top of the radio to help support its functionality, and a built-in hand crank that lets you charge it without batteries at all.

It's handheld and easily packaged, so you can access it quickly when you need it. Usually, this Emergency Multi-Function Radio & Flashlight is $89.95, but you can get it now for $28.

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