Meghan McCain insists on "The View" that Michele Bachmann is likable – but Hillary Clinton is not

"She didn’t make excuses,” McCain claimed to her ABC co-hosts. “I liked her more after being around he"

Published January 8, 2019 2:00PM (EST)

Meghan McCain (The View)
Meghan McCain (The View)

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The View’s Meghan McCain clashed with her co-hosts on Tuesday when she compared former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s likability unfavorably to that of former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Co-host Joy Behar defended Clinton after McCain described her as “extremely unlikable”, saying the defeated presidential candidate “laughs easily” and had been unfairly characterized by the media. McCain asked why it didn’t “translate more”.

“Because she doesn’t know what to put out there because of all the pressure that’s put on the woman. ‘Should I be the good little wife? No. The wife who stands for her husband? No. Should I leave my husband. No. Should I be nice? Should I be strict? Should I be serious?’ Behar replied. “The poor girl didn’t know what to do next.”

“She’s not a poor girl. She’s a tough candidate for president,” McCain shot back. “You have to be in the arena.”

The discussion later turned to Bachmann. “She was the most unlikable person I’ve ever seen,” Behar remarked.

“But she didn’t make excuses. I interviewed her. She didn’t make excuses,” McCain insisted. “I liked her more after being around her.”

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