This app manages your finances in a snap for less than $20

Truebill Premium is an innovative app that helps you keep an eye on your spending and lower your monthly bills

Published January 8, 2019 2:01PM (EST)

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Saving more and spending less is at the top of many New Year’s resolution lists. However, if you’ve tried to tame your financial beasts before and come up short, a method beyond Excel spreadsheet budgeting might be in order. Truebill Premium is a personal finance app that gives you a complete picture of your spending, credit cards, and other factors you might not consider when you’re setting out to save in 2019.

Truebill securely connects to your accounts using bank-level 256-bit security encryption, then organizes your spending into reports that you can use to make a financial plan. You can view your cash balance, credit card spending, investment balances, and monthly subscriptions in one place to fully understand where your money is going.

The app then helps you manage and cancel subscription services you may have forgotten about, automatically set aside funds to meet your savings goals, and negotiate for lower rates on your cell phone bill, security services, and more.

You can easily stay on top of your spending, savings, credit cards, and subscriptions with Truebill Premium. A subscription usually costs $35.99, but right now you can grab it for just $19.99 — that’s a solid investment at 44% off.


Truebill Subscription & Budget Manager Premium Subscriptions - $19.99

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