Learn insider tricks to launching your own startup in 2019

Fulfill your dream of starting your own business with this expert-led course

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January 22, 2019 3:30AM (UTC)
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This year could be the perfect time to ask yourself a few key questions: are you tired of your current job? Have you always dreamed of spearheading and leading your own business? Then maybe it's the time to stop thinking about it, and make it happen with this expert-led course: From Napkin Sketch to Multi-Million Dollar Exit: How to Launch, Grow and Sell a Startup.

This course includes 17 lectures and two hours of content that you can access 24/7 for a lifetime. Led by instructors Karl House and Ben Lee, you'll receive insider tips and tricks that include the logistics, subtleties, and intricacies of running a startup, as well as how to turn your fledgling business into a multi-million dollar acquisition. You'll get walked through the process of starting a business from soup to nuts: for example, deciding whether your idea is a viable business concept, how to effectively raise money, to hiring the right team. Do it all right, and with a little bit of luck, you'll leave with a greater profit than when you first entered.


From building prototypes investors can stand behind, to developing persuasive fundraising decks, this course helps you explore the accelerator experience and artfully build your brand. Usually, this course is $99, but you can get it here for $9.99.


From Napkin Sketch to Multi-Million Dollar Exit: How to Launch, Grow and Sell a Startup - $9.99

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