Senior White House official wants Rudy Giuliani to stop going on TV: "Don’t do it"

The knives appear to be coming out for President Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani among White House officials

By Brad Reed
January 22, 2019 8:48PM (UTC)
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Robert Mueller; Rudy Giuliani (AP/Salon)

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The knives appear to be coming out for Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani among White House officials.

Someone described as a “senior administration official” by NBC News’ Peter Alexander said on Tuesday that it might be best for all involved if Giuliani stops making appearances on television news shows.


“If nothing good can come of it, don’t do it,” said the official, who added that Giuliani’s confusing rants were “not helping” the president defend himself from special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

Giuliani over the past three days has produced a disastrous string of interviews in which he has claimed that Trump was in negotiations with Russia to build Trump Tower Moscow right up until he was elected president; argued that it would have been “perfectly normal” for Trump to talk with former “fixer” Michael Cohen about what he planned to tell Congress before being sworn in under oath; and suggested that he had listened to secret recordings of the president that proved he was innocent of charges that he had instructed Cohen to lie to Congress.

Giuliani has been forced to issue multiple clarifications to his statements and has even been panned by Trump associates who think he does far more harm than good with his wild TV appearances.

Brad Reed