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Published January 23, 2019 10:30PM (EST)

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Some people think that great managers are born, not made — but we beg to differ. While some folks do have natural leadership skills, there are strategies and techniques anyone who's trying to be considered for a management role can start to apply and practice within their workflow. The Complete Executive Leadership Bundle includes 38 hours of training that will help you not only impress business owners with your ability to execute business objectives but help you inspire your team to perform at optimal levels.

You'll learn how to shape and change team culture, as well as give, receive and use feedback to build trust in a professional setting. Deliver an effective feedback loop that feeds back into a culture of continuous improvement — and foster an environment that encourages teammates to work together cooperatively and respectfully in a way that leads to the benefit of the entire organization.

The bundle also includes a course that looks to the operational and sales growth of your company, including how to create accurate business forecasts. You'll also learn what it takes to build the right team and recruit the best talent by building the ideal candidate profile, and so much more.

Learn what it takes to be a great leader: usually, the Complete Executive Leadership Bundle if $794.90, but you can get it here for $29.


The Complete Executive Leadership Bundle - $29

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