This all-in-one wellness blanket promotes optimal health

This blanket is designed to enhance recovery and improve restfulness

Published February 5, 2019 6:30AM (EST)

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There are blankets that are designed to keep you warm in the summer, and still others designed to keep you cool in the summer. But what about a blanket that's made to promote your overall well-being and health? Meet the Yaasa Elements Throw Blanket, made from materials designed to promote local blood flow and increase your rate of recovery after physical exercise.

This powerful all-in-one wellness blanket is made from skin-caring SeaCell™, recovery-supporting FDA-determined Celliant™ technology, and sustainably-grown organic cotton, resulting in a blanket that you'll want to snuggle in all day long — and with all the positive health benefits associated with it, you'll actually have a good excuse to.

Each of the materials works to enhance your recovery, protection, and comfort so you're receiving the most optimal level of rest and healing while you sleep or relax. The Celliant™ material encourages muscle recovery, while SeaCell™ is rich in antioxidants to shield your skin from aging free radicals — and finally, the certified organic cotton is silky smooth and comforting for even sensitive skin.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, this blanket works to absorb and recycle your body’s natural energy without compromising comfort, resulting in an easier and more restful night's sleep. Usually, this Yaasa Elements Throw Blanket is $249, but you can get it here for $189.


Yaasa Elements Throw Blanket (Charcoal) - $189

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