Cook up tasty BBQ favorites with this indoor grill

The Gotham Steel Non-Stick Smokeless Stove Top Grill turns your indoor cooktop into a rib-ready grill

Published February 15, 2019 6:30AM (EST)

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Grilling outdoors is a great way to get family and friends together for a shindig, but it’s hard to bring that BBQ flavor indoors during chillier months (or when you’re feeling too lazy to fire up the grill). The Gotham Steel Non-Stick Smokeless Stove Top Grill is a clever solution to your indoor grilling needs.

This grill works on all types of stovetops, including electric, gas, and propane. Aside from grilling up tasty burgers and hot dogs, you can whip up healthy veggies and chicken thanks to the stove top grill’s unique design. The removable grill surface sits atop a center drip pan, with a water-filled outer ring that catches fat and other juices during cooking. This reduces the amount of oil you’ll consume during your tasty meals for guilt-free indulgences.

The grill’s design also makes it a safer bet: it eliminates smoke and splattering for a safer cooking experience with less mess. The high-quality, nonstick surface makes for easy cleanup, and the titanium and ceramic construction mean this kitchen accessory is built to last.

Usually, it costs $59.99 to bring your favorite grilled foods indoors with the Gotham Steel Non-stick Smokeless Stove Top Grill, but right now you can chow down on hot dogs, veggies and more for a cool $19.99 (66% off).


Gotham Steel Non-Stick Smokeless Stove Top Grill - $19.99

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