Relax and focus with these noise-cancelling headphones

The Cowin E8 Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones block out sounds for a more pleasant plane ride or work day

Published February 23, 2019 10:30PM (EST)

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Our environments are becoming more distracting and messier than ever, and technology is partly to blame. Our reliance on digital devices makes it harder for us to focus and stay in the present moment, making work more difficult and distancing us from family and friends. It might seem counterintuitive to turn to more technology to help you focus, but the Cowin E8 Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones can reduce the distractions around you for a more peaceful day.

These headphones are perfect for riding the train home after work, relaxing during long flights or blocking out distracting sounds when you’re working. The Active Noise Cancellation technology and full-coverage, ergonomic ear cups help you focus on whatever music, podcast or video you’re listening to. The cups rotate for a better fit, and the soft headband stays in place without pinching or discomfort.

The HD audio produces clearer highs and deeper lows, and you won’t miss a word of incoming calls thanks to the high-quality sound and built-in call controls. Best of all, the headphones last up to 20 hours on a single charge, so you’ll be in your own private world no matter where your day takes you.

The Cowin E8 Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones usually cost $199.99, but right now you can tune out distractions and turn up your focus for only $134.99 (32% off).


Cowin E8 Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones - $134.99

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