Conservative claims Fox News stopped booking him because he criticized Trump: "I was a problem"

"The network didn’t want conservatives taking shots at him,” commentator Bernard Goldberg alleges

Published March 6, 2019 12:43PM (EST)


This article originally appeared on Raw Story

Conservative commentator Bernard Goldberg this week revealed that he has stopped appearing on Fox News because the network would no longer tolerate his criticism of President Donald Trump.

Mediaite reports that Goldberg revealed in a Patreon post that Fox News after Trump’s election became less and less tolerant of conservatives who spoke their mind about the president.

“Fox will tolerate a liberal criticizing President Trump, I said, but the network didn’t want conservatives taking shots at him,” he said. “Sometimes I defended the president against what I thought was unfair criticism. But I was also critical of Mr. Trump, of his vindictiveness and his dishonesty.”

Goldberg had for months been a regular guest on Fox News host Bill Hemmer’s mid-morning show, but he says that “without ever telling me why . . . his staff stopped asking me to offer my opinions and analysis on his show.”

Goldberg said that the decision to cut him off from appearing on Fox likely came down to ratings, as Trump supporters were more likely to change the channel if anyone criticized the president.

“Producers and anchors don’t need angry viewers,” he said. “In cable TV news – at Fox, at CNN and at MSNBC – the business model is easy to understand: Give the audience what it wants to hear. Validate the biases of the viewers. Keep them coming back for more. In that world, I was a problem.”

The whole post is available for Patreon subscribers at this link.

By Brad Reed