Clean your teeth with this dentist-approved aqua flosser

This flosser is 5x more effective than traditional flossing

Published March 15, 2019 6:30AM (EDT)

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Ah, flossing — as absolutely necessary as it is to preserve the health of your teeth and gums, it's admittedly tedious to do. Plus (as your dentist probably told you one too many times) it can be hard to do — and not enough people take the time to do it right, rendering their efforts ineffective. You've only got one set of (adult) teeth, so you might as well take care of them. This Aqua Flosser Rechargeable Water Flosser is dentist-approved, gentle and does five times better of a job than traditional flossing, making it easy for you to set better oral health habits today.

A Flosseroo Best Water Flosser of 2016 (and they're experts), this flosser uses directed water jets to make quick work of what would be a terrible job dislodging food and plaque from hard-to-reach areas (like your back teeth). It also massages your gums to increase circulation, with three different modes to customize your cleaning needs.

The flosser comes with four color-coded tips so multiple people (like family) can use the same unit interchangeably — and it cuts your flossing time in half. It even works around delicate braces!

Usually, this Aqua Flosser Rechargeable Water Flosser is $149.99, but you can get it for the newly reduced sale price of $39.99.


Aqua Flosser Rechargeable Water Flosser - $39.99

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