This ingenious weighted blanket reduces nighttime anxiety

The Puro Down Weighted Blanket is engineered to soothe your bedtime worries

Published March 20, 2019 2:30PM (EDT)

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It’s tough to get a decent night’s rest in our gadget-centric, screen-obsessed society, but a simple blanket might hold the key to more zzz’s. A 2015 study found that weighted blankets have a calming effect on people with disrupted sleep, and they’ve also shown promise in improving the sleep quality of children with autism. Puro Down’s Weighted Blanket comes in a variety of weights to take the tossing and turning out of your snoozing.

The ideal weighted blanket is roughly 10% of your body weight, and these blankets come in a slew of weight and size options to help you find the perfect fit. Each one has thousands of tiny glass beads sewn into small compartments throughout, creating an even pressure across your body. This recreates the feeling of a hug, which sends the feel-good hormone oxytocin to your brain and cues it to relax and settle in for a long night’s rest.

Puro’s Down Weighted Blankets come in a range of sizes and colors. Their hefty 20-pound blanket is available in dark gray and light gray. You can snuggle up in the dark gray and light gray 15-pound version, or get an extra large 15-pound blanket for a few dollars more. A 12-pound option comes in dark gray or light gray, and the 10-pound blanket is also available in dark or light gray. Children can benefit from the seven-pound dark gray or light gray blanket.

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Puro Down Weighted Blanket

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