Learn to use advanced Microsoft tools for data analysis

Master Microsoft Access, Excel and VBA with this 31-hour training

Published March 21, 2019 10:30PM (EDT)

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Jobs in data analysis are booming — and you can take advantage of the need for talent by learning how to crunch data like a pro. This Complete Microsoft Data Analysis Expert Bundle shows you how to use Microsoft Access, Excel and VBA to extract reports, analyze data and most importantly, draw conclusions from that raw information — making you an invaluable asset to any company.

Once upon a time, business intelligence (BI) tools were not only expensive, they were difficult for anyone without a background in IT to use — making operations run inevitably slower as teams were forced to rely on different departments to glean data. Tools like Microsoft Power BI enable self-service BI conducted by users, and this bundle shows you how to create compelling visualizations and reports that verify the insights you develop from that information.

The bundle also shows you how to use Office's database system, Access, to simplify working with data and use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the programming language that makes Microsoft Office programs run. Access is also one of the best tools for managing large data sets, so you can reduce the report prep time you take. Finally, you'll learn to link Access to Excel, helping you run a query for any time period and have it instantly update when you refresh all of your linked data in multiple Excel sheets.

Usually, the Complete Microsoft Data Analysis Expert Bundle is $1194, but you can get it here for $19.99. Use coupon code MADNESS15 for an extra 15% off.


The Complete Microsoft Data Analysis Expert Bundle - $19.99

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