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Published March 26, 2019 2:30PM (EDT)

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As anyone trying to start and launch a business knows, it's incredibly challenging to get your footing. From developing a niche product or service, then hiring the right people to streamline your operations, there's a lot that can heavily weigh on the mind of a budding entrepreneur. As a result, it can feel incredibly lonely and stressful to get your business off the ground. This lifetime subscription to Foundr Digital Magazine is an incredible resource for new business owners: it's chock full of advice from other successful entrepreneurs, so you can learn from their failures and the things they did right — applying those lessons to your own life.

As the saying goes, we stand on the shoulders of giants. One of the most practical things any aspiring or current entrepreneurs can do is look towards others who've experienced the same challenges. The magazine subscription collects helpful pieces of advice, anecdotes and more from some of the most groundbreaking entrepreneurs in the world — recognizing that even the most creative, ambitious business owners need a little bit of help sometimes.

Consider this digital monthly magazine the best way for you to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening in the business world — and it's also a way to learn from the best, reading interviews from the likes of Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Ariana Huffington and more.

Usually, a lifetime subscription to Foundr Digital Magazine is $219.90, but you can get it here for $39. Use coupon code MADNESS15 for an extra 15% off the sale price.


Foundr Digital Magazine: Lifetime Subscription - $39

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