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Published April 18, 2019 2:00PM (EDT)

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It's never been a better time to know production, and we're not talking about music — from YouTube to podcasts, there's never been a greater demand for video and audio mediums that are outside the realm of your favorite playlists and songs. Whether you decide you're interested in audio engineering or music production, you can play an instrumental part in this new media boom — and this Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Bundle will help you get there.

Logic Pro X is one of the top audio mixing tools used to create the ideal sound mix for everything from podcasts to tutorials, audiobooks, and video content, and more. This bundle includes eight different courses breaking down everything from the fundamentals and how to use key features in the platform, to music production essentials.

Once you learn how to use Logic X Pro for audio engineering and know how to get the highest quality mix for your voice, you can do everything from creating voiceovers to letting someone else's voice shine during a podcast. Then you'll dive into the field of music production, from working out major keys and chords, handling the recording for singers, learning to use synth and samplers confidently, and more.

This 45-hour training is your key to creating amazing sound: get the Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Bundle here for $29.


The Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Bundle - $29

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