These meat-shredding claws are perfect for BBQ lovers

Ideal for everything from pulled pork sandwiches to skewers

Published April 22, 2019 7:00AM (EDT)

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You probably know a few people in your inner circle who are passionate about cooking meat well — whether it's the folks who wait all year for summer and grilling season, or your buddies who spend hours debating who cooks up the best-pulled pork sandwich. If you're passionate about cooking meat or have friends who are, you need to gift them (or yourself) these Meat Claws, which do pretty much what the name says: they easily help you prep meat for your enjoyment, whether you're pulling apart chicken or separating protein from the skewers they roasted on.

These cool claws are sure to be the icebreaker at your next cookout — they're shaped like a set of grizzly claws. All you need to do is grab hold of the handles, and you're ready to lift, shred, pull and tear protein with ease (all while living out your secret dream of being Wolverine from the X-Men).

It's the perfect alternative to traditional cutlery, and can certainly feel a lot more sturdy to handle. The stainless steel claws have durable wooden handles so you can safely grip them — plus, they're easy to clean and make taking meat off the barbecue easier and safer.

Usually, these Meat Claws are $59.98, but you can get them here for $30.


Meat Claws: 2 Pack - $30

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