Bring your music, not your phone with this Spotify player

You can listen to your tunes during a much-need social media break with the Might Vibe Spotify Offline Player

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Published April 23, 2019 7:15AM (EDT)

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Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world: in 2018, there were 191 million monthly active users, giving Spotify a staggering 36% of the global streaming market.

The only problems with the blockbuster app are how much it can drain your smartphone battery and the fact that you need an internet connection to play unless you've downloaded playlists to your phone. You’ve got to keep your phone plugged into your car’s adapter to keep your playlist running throughout a road trip, and you risk running up a big data bill if you’re not connected to WiFi. The Mighty Vibe Spotify Offline Player takes your phone out of the equation for on-the-go listening — and this new and improved version runs laps around its predecessor.

The Mighty Vibe keeps your Spotify playlist (free version or Premium) rolling via Bluetooth and WiFi. No signal? No problem. This speaker stores more than 1,000 songs offline, so you can tune into your favorite playlists when you’re at the gym or grilling up prime cuts at your backyard barbecue. Its redesigned Bluetooth antenna is a huge bonus, creating a wider playback range and promoting stronger connectivity.

You can listen to more than five continuous hours of music on a single charge with this latest version of the Mighty Vibe. It’s water-resistant and protects against drops, making it the perfect pool party companion.

This speaker stores your music offline, so you can take a break from your phone without sacrificing your songs. Aside from the 1,000+ songs that this Mighty Vibe can sync, it also downloads podcasts and has a new shuffle feature for audiophiles with a short attention span.

The Vibe automatically re-syncs your music every night with its Stay Fresh feature, so you’ll never get stuck with yesterday’s tunes. It’s ultra-durable, connects in a flash to most Bluetooth headphones and comes in three funky colors.

The Mighty Vibe Spotify Offline Player typically costs $85.99, but right now it’s on sale for only $76.99 (10% off). It’s available in classic Black, Gully Blue and Mooshu Red.


Mighty Vibe Spotify Offline Player - $76.99

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