These earbuds have movie-theater quality sound

These earbuds combine the convenience of wireless earphones with the sound quality of a movie theater

Published May 6, 2019 7:00AM (EDT)

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Wireless earphones are one of the most useful inventions of the modern age. They make commuting easier, they help you focus if you’re working away from home and they help you reach that next level with every workout.

Unfortunately, wireless freedom frequently comes at the cost of sound quality. The Oomo 3D 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Bluetooth Earphones bring theater-ready sound to your daily listening.

These audiophile-approved headphones use a patented acoustic structure that separates sound frequencies for clarity and a surround-sound effect. You’ll hear every note of your favorite songs at a level of clarity you’ve never experienced.

You’ll barely notice you’re wearing these earphones: they only weigh one ounce, but they’re just as powerful as heftier competitors. Background noises are absorbed inside the earbuds, so you’ll stay focused on your podcasts, audiobooks, and playlists.

The Oomo 3Ds are the perfect companion for working out, too. They’re sweat and water resistant, and a reflective strip keeps you safe during nighttime jogs. They also have eight hours of talk time for crystal-clear phone calls.

Usually, these ergonomic, audiophile-approved wireless headphones cost $129.95, but you can upgrade your daily listening right now for only $102.95 (20% off).


Oomo 3D 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Bluetooth Earphones - $102.95

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