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This home security system protects your home with live viewing, real-time alerts, and in-home alarms

Published May 9, 2019 10:00PM (EDT)

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Smart home accessories help your day run smoothly, but they do much more than turning on the lights in your living room. Since they’re your eyes and ears around your house, they can see and hear things in your home that you might not notice otherwise.

Their low-profile presence makes them a great way to beef up your home security. LizaTech’s Wi-FI Home Alarm Security System is a comprehensive set of cameras, sensors, and alerts that you can access right from your smartphone.

LizaTech’s system sets up in minutes with no wiring or pricey monthly contracts. A WiFi-enabled smart camera sends live or recorded videos of your home straight to your phone. You can set up the motion sensor in any room of your house, then get automatic alerts when it’s triggered.

The system’s two-door sensors keep tabs on who’s entering or leaving your home, and they’re also great for windows. You can configure the smart camera, motion sensor and door sensors into Smart Scenarios — whenever they’re tripped under a specific set of conditions, the included alarm goes off to frighten intruders. (The alarm is no joke: it goes off at 100 decibels, so it’s as loud as a jackhammer).

The LizaTech Wi-Fi Home Alarm Security System costs $199.99, but you can protect your home right now for just $149.99 (25% off).


Lizatech Wi-Fi Home Alarm Security System - $149.99

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